Spoonleaf Sundew Plant -Drosera spathulata- Carnivorous

The tiny paddle-like hairy leaves are covered with drops of sticky goo, which trap insects that are attracted to the plant. In summer the sundews are topped with thin spikes holding small pink flowers

Charming Clear Glass Hanging Planter Terrarium Globe / Tea Light Candle Holder Lantern w/ Stand - MyGift®

Add this beautiful glass globe ornament to your home today to give any space a stylish decorative accent with the perfect touch of elegance. The round opening at the front of this clear glass ball all

10+ Dinnerplate Hibiscus/ All About Bling/ Perennial Flower Seed/ Easy to Grow/ Huge 10-12 Inch Flowers

Hibiscus sowing instructions: Seeds can be sown in drills 1 inch deep in light soil in May or June. The seedlings are transplanted, 6 inches apart, in a nursery bed and set in their final positions in

Hi-Eshop 4-in-1 Moisture Sensor Meter, Soil Moisture Meter, Soil PH Value, Soil Temperature and Sunlight Intensity Tester for Gardening, Farming, Indoor, Outdoor

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10 CARNIVOROUS PURPLE PITCHER PLANT (Turkish Red / Northern) Sarracenia Purpurea Flower Seeds

* We also have 5 other varieties of Carnivorous Pitcher Plant seeds available as well as Venus Fly Trap seeds! and Cobra Lily seeds! * ** FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ADDITIONAL SEEDS! PAY ONLY ONE FLAT SH

Common Milkweed Seed Balls for Fall Planting Updated Fall 2015 Recipe (Asclepias syriaca) (50)

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a critical host plant for the Monarch butterfly. It produces apple-sized clusters of pale pink to purple blooms mid-summer. It is a long-lived perennial. Must be

Rosehip (Extra Virgin) 4 oz Carrier Oil. A Base Oil for Aromatherapy, Essential Oil or Massage use.

Extra Virgin Rosehip Carrier Oil is enriched with vitamin E and is extremely high in essential fatty acids and is known to help treat dry, irritated, weathered skin. "Extra Virgin" means that the oil

Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Manual, Second Edition

As soil and crop management procedures have become more complex, County Agricultural Agents, farm advisors, consultants, and fertilizer and chemical dealers have had to specialize in some aspect of

If You Plant a Seed

Kadir Nelson, acclaimed author of Baby Bear and winner of the Caldecott Honor and the Coretta Scott King Author and Illustrator Awards, presents a resonant, gently humorous story about the

DuneCraft Dome Terrariums - Carnivorous Plants

Grow over ten varieties of carnivorous plants!Color decalsDecorative gravelFun accessoriesDecorative plant stakes

API Pondcare Aquatic Plant Media Soil, 25-Pound

100-Percent natural aquatic potting media blended with Zeolite- excellent for all water garden plants. Will not float. Perfect for transplanting and planting bare-root plants.Will not float

MakersKit Hanging Air Plant Terrarium

Raise your own Tillandsia, also known as an air plant. Our Hanging Air